Blocs Beta

There are currently no beta builds of Blocs at this time.

Blocs 3.1.0

Beta Build 4

Download Blocs 3.1.0

Build Details

This build can be used alongside your current installation of Blocs, it doesn't need to overwrite it. Please report all bugs here  As this is a beta release of Blocs you should expect some issues and glitches during use so please Keep backups of projects at all times and don't use this version for mission critical projects.

New in this build

  • Disabled elastic horizontal scroll on layer tree.

  • Fixed issue that prevented clean URL export when exporting in preview mode.

  • Fixed issue that caused Blank Bloc Bar when switching between full screen and popover mode.

New features

  • Updated Bootstrap Framework to 4.2.1.

  • Added support for UI Switches (Checkbox Bric style option).

  • Added support for clean Page URL export structure.

  • Added new global code areas, open code editor from window menu.

  • Added Full Screen Bloc Bar option (main prefs or Bloc bar row options menu).

  • Added support to change page header attachment order.

  • Added support for local network device previewing. URL is printed in menu bar when in preview mode, enter this in any device on network for live preview. (.html only).

  • Added support to copy and paste custom data attributes between items (take care to click table before paste).

  • Various improvements to the Icon Manager and its UX.

  • Global new page extension settings.

  • Sidebar options can now be used to set the logo size per breakpoint.

  • Made resize column handles more accurate.

  • Dragging page attachments onto page settings table now respects insertion position.

  • Added placeholders on store custom Bloc input fields.

  • Touch support for carousel now uses bootstrap 4 functionality.

  • Added support to scroll Layer tree horizontally.

  • Don't show page templates when starting a new project when no page templates stored.

  • Fixed issue that caused layer tree to break when a label has a carriage return in it.

  • Fixed issue that caused Pulse CMS pages to break when exported using HTML minify options.

  • Fixed issue that caused page description to not show on pulse CMS 5 template pages.

  • Fixed issue that caused bloc group ID attribute to be removed when exported.

  • Fixed issue that caused toggling bloc group containers visibility to break.

  • Fixed issue with duplicating input fields and checkboxes that caused them to have duplicated ID's.

  • Fixed issue that caused duplicated HTML widgets with hidden contents to export wrong data.

  • Fixed issue that prevented editing the alt tag on carousel slides.

  • Fixed issue that caused text sidebar fields to be troublesome when entering REM values with decimal point.