Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum version of MacOS I can use Blocs with?

A. Blocs requires OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) minimum.

Q. Does Blocs work with Windows?

A. No. Blocs is Mac only. There are currently no plans to bring Blocs to Windows.

Q. How many computers can I use Blocs on?

A. A Personal Blocs license allows you to use Blocs on up to 2 Mac computers. The Blocs Team license allows you to use Blocs on up to 10 Mac computers.

Q. Are upgrades, free?

A. If you purchased Blocs V1 in 2016 you will be entitled to a free upgrade to Blocs V2. If you purchased Blocs prior to 2016 your upgrade fee will be at a reduced rate.

Q. Are updates, free?

A. All updates for the current version of Blocs are free. For example, if you have Blocs 2.0 you can update to 2.2 for free. If you are currently using Blocs version 1.5 you will first need to upgrade to Blocs 2.0 in order to update to 2.2.

Q. What's the difference between upgrades and updates?

A. An upgrade to Blocs means you will replace your current version with a newer more superior version. The upgrade version will have major new features and will be more advanced than the previous, for example, if you were to upgrade from Blocs version 1 to Blocs version 2, this would be paid for. An update to your Blocs application means that there have been bug fixes or fixes to software problems. Some updates can also see smaller features added to the application. App updates are smaller changes, e.g. 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and these are usually free depending on what version of Blocs you currently have installed.

Q. Do you offer student discounts?

A. Yes, we offer student discounts. To claim this discount and to help us verify with your university/college, you must provide evidence that you are currently a student. The ID must include your name, university/college name, years of study and D.O.B. In most cases a scan of your student card together with your programme of study or enrolment form should provide all we need. Please contact us at this email address with the necessary documentation.

Q. Can I request a new student discount code if I don’t use the one issued within the 30 days it is valid for?

A. After 30 days you can request a new discount code, however, you will need to show your student identification again to verify your student status, this ensures you still qualify for the discount. Also, we cannot guarantee the pricing will be the same as pricing of products can be subject to change as newer versions are released.

Q. Where can I learn how to use Blocs?

A. If you need help on how to use Blocs or if you're having problems finding your way around, you should check out our dedicated Blocs Knowledge Base. If you need help building your website, why not stop by the Community Forum. There are lots of Blocs users there who are always willing to help out.

Q. Can Blocs open and edit any website or HTML Files?

A. No. Blocs has its own file format and does not support opening other file formats such as HTML files.

Q. Can I edit code in Blocs?

A. Blocs is not designed as a tool that manages code, this means it's not possible to edit the code for an entire page within Blocs. However, Blocs does offer a HTML Widget, any code added to your page via this widget can be edited within Blocs. You can read more about the HTML widget here.

Q. Does Blocs export to standard web code?

A. Yes. Blocs exports to standard HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Q. Does Blocs have build in FTP features?

A. No. Blocs handles the design and creation of your website, it does not handle the hosting or the transportation of the exported code to your hosting service. In order to publish your site live, after export, you will need to use an FTP app of your choice.

Q. Can I create a large website with 100+ pages?

A. Yes. There are no page limitations for websites created with Blocs.

Q. Can I create a store with blocs?

A. Blocs doesn't come with any built in store checkout features, however, it is possible to integrate 3rd party solutions such as PayPal and Gum Road into Blocs using the HTML widget. It's also worth noting that, if you build your site to work with a CMS, it's possible to use a 3rd party store plugin for that CMS with your site once it's live.

Q. What CMS's does Blocs currently support?

A. Blocs currently supports Pulse CMS, October CMS, Surreal CMS and Cushy CMS. We plan to add more CMS's in the near future.

Q. Is there an API to create extras for Blocs?

A. Not at the moment, but we are actively working towards offering 3rd party integration solutions.

Q. Does Blocs support case-sensitive file systems?

A. Unfortuntaly Blocs does not support case-sensitive file systems.

Q. What kind of support do you offer Blocs customers?

A. We offer in-app email support as well as an online knowledge base. As we are a small independent company, we do not currently offer telephone support.

More Help

New User Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. I've found a bug in Blocs, how should I report it?

A. If you have found a problem with Blocs and want to make us aware of it, the best way is to log a bug using the in-app bug report system. Reporting Bugs via the in-app support system ensures your bug is dealt with by the correct person. To report a bug in the app, start the Blocs application and from the main menu select Help > Contact Customer Support.

Q. I'm having trouble activating my copy of Blocs, what should I do?

A. If you are unable to successfully activate your copy of Blocs or need more help activating it, please refer to this knowledge base post that covers the basics of getting set up.

Q. I've formated my Mac, how can I access my license number again?

A. If you need to get access to your license number to manage activations or just for reference, please refer to this knowledge base post which covers the basics of accessing and managing license numbers.

Q. How do I publish my web site once I have exported it from Blocs?

A. Once you have exported your site from Blocs, you will be presented with the various HTML, CSS and Javascript files that make up your web site. Publishing a web site so it’s available publicly using a web browser requires the following: a registered domain name, web hosting and an FTP app to upload the files Blocs created. Once you have your domain name registered and web hosting set up, you will be given an FTP account from your web hosting provider. Using your FTP login credentials and any FTP app of your choice, you should then be able to login and upload your Blocs site files to your server. 


More Ways To Get Support.

If you need help on how to use Blocs or if you're having problems finding your way around, you should check out our dedicated Blocs Knowledge Base.

If you need help building your website, why not stop by the Community Forum. There are lots of Blocs users there who are always willing to help out.

If you still can't find an answer to your question, drop us an Email. We will do our best to respond to your email as soon as possible.