Blocs 3.0.6

December 22nd 2018

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New & Improved

  • Added new feature.

  • Added new feature.

  • Added new feature.


  • Fixed issue.

  • Fixed issue.

  • Fixed issue.

Blocs 3.0.5

December 5th 2018

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New & Improved

  • Added new static preview mode - For those with problems running a local host preview (Set preview type in prefs).

  • Rounded corners on light box controls to match the rest of Bootstrap 4.


  • Fixed export menu icons on dark mode MacOS 10.14.

  • Fixed sidebar tab icons showing broken highlighted state when clicking them while Blocs is not the primary active application.

  • Fixed export issue with Pulse CMS.

  • Fixed scroll FX on pulse CMS export.

  • Fixed issue that caused Pulse CMS admin to crash.

  • Fixed issue that caused wrong page to be initially selected in navigator and page dropdown when custom home page is set.

  • Fixed unwanted space created with dividers in Blocs with no padding.

  • Fixed unwanted space in empty Blocs with no padding.

  • Fixed issue with dropdown links within navigation being forced white when dark nav bar theme is used.

  • Fixed light box issue that caused caption to show on lightbox element that has no caption.

  • Fixed light box issue that prevented caption showing when launching a light box from an image without a caption then moving to an image with a caption.

Blocs 3.0.4

December 3rd 2018

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New & Improved

  • Added "show in finder" contextual menu option for start window recent file list (right click recent file entry).

  • Start window recent project list now refreshes while app is running. Last opened project will go top of list when returning to start window.


  • Fixed issue that caused font selection dropdown to auto close on MacOS 10.11 when using a trackpad.

  • Fixed issue that caused visibility options to show wrong values when 3 breakpoints in a row are hidden.

  • Fixed various issues with the visibility options UX.

  • Fixed cache busting issue and form handler JS - (Caused forms to navigate to unknown URL when posted).

  • Fixed issue that caused the styling on special navigations with drop downs to have broken styling and functionality.

  • Fixed issue when setting an interaction to none the interaction sidebar options do not refresh.

  • Fixed issue that caused horizontal scrollable blank space when scrollFX are used on a page.

  • Fixed issue with animation being set to none, not refreshing correctly on in app preview.

Blocs 3.0.3

November 28th 2018

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  • Fixed issue that caused page to be duplicated when creating a new page and first switching to duplicate and then back to use a blank template.

  • Fixed issue that prevented layer tree rendering correctly when returns are included in text style areas.

  • Fixed issue that prevented Blocs with accordions that have no text in title link from showing in layer tree.

  • Fixed typo in generated accordion ID.

  • Fixed issue that prevented cards within cards being selected.

  • Fixed Bloc Bar selection dropdown on MacOS 10.11.

  • Fixed Bloc builder save button label not showing on 10.14.

  • Fixed issue that wiped a text Brics ID when its level is changed.

  • Fixed issue that prevented layer tree updating when a text Brics level is changed.

  • Fixed issue that caused global areas to show on page thumbnails when they are disabled.

Blocs 3.0.2

November 27th 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.2


  • Fixed issue that caused Blocs to crash when migrating older Blocs 2 projects.

Blocs 3.0.1

November 26th 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.1

New & Improved

  • Added cache busting (can be switched off with export prefs).


  • Fixed various in app links to knowledge base posts that have a new URL.

  • Fixed old API docs link in Bric Builder.

  • Fixed issue that allowed clicks on the shortcut window to pass through onto the design canvas.

  • Fixed internal crash issue that was caused by Bloc bar.

  • Fixed issue that prevented the Bloc and Bric bars overlapping the additional control windows (Asset Manager, Swatch Manager etc).

  • Fixed issue that prevented the save alert showing when removing or adding assets and then closing a project.

  • Remove redundant sub classes from sub class library.

  • Fixed issue that caused screen to flash when a scroll to link is clicked.

  • Fixed issue that caused preview and export to crash if audio players are used within the HTML widgets.

Blocs 3.0.0

November 22nd 2018

Download Blocs 3.0.0

Initial Release

There are no new patches or updates at this time.