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About Blocs

Blocs is a visual web design tool for creating responsive websites and Wordpress themes without writing code. It’s used primarily by web designers and developers who create bootstrap-based websites for clients. For those with an interest in web design and industry professionals alike, Blocs is a powerful, intuitive and must have design tool. It works on the concept of stacking pre-defined sections to build fully coded responsive web pages. This simple and natural way to create together with continuous updates and support makes Blocs a much loved tool by its thriving community.

Blocs 5 is packed with many new features, improvements and refinements. It has a clean, intuitive interface which enables a speedy and productive workflow. Behind the simple interface lie many advanced editing features to help take website design to the next level. Blocs has only been around for 5 years, but it is now the perfect choice for tens of thousands of web designers and developers around the world.

With the addition of Blocs Plus, Blocs 5 can be expanded with five powerful and time saving features that empower Blocs users to build Wordpress themes, process and edit images, store class styles for re-use, perfect SEO and extract typography, colours & images from any live website and import them into Blocs.

Blocs also has a Developer API which allows 3rd parties to create custom Brics, Blocs, Templates, Tools and Tutorials that can be used within the Blocs design environment. These custom made addons are sold from the Blocs Store and extend the possibilities of Blocs even further.

Finally, for those who are new to Blocs or to those community members who would like to enhance their website building skills, we have the Blocs Academy. This is where you can find a vast amount of video tutorials and courses, which range from getting started with Blocs, to building WordPress themes.

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Blocs Features


Visual editing controls deliver an intuitive user experience.

Unlimited Websites

Build as many websites as you like, no restrictions.

No Coding

Build responsive websites without writing code.


Create fully responsive websites that look great on any screen.


See how your website looks, as you design and build it.

Bootstrap 4 & 5

Powered by the Bootstrap 4 web design framework.


Control and expand the functionality of the websites you build with powerful interactions.


Sell online with payment integrations from the leading commerce providers.

Shape Dividers

Choose from a range of shape dividers to create eye-catching backgrounds.


Adjust the appearance of elements using a range of CSS filters, such as Hue, Saturation, Blur and Sepia.

CMS Integration

Integrated support for a range of Content Management Systems.

Font Manager

Use local and Google web fonts to create beautiful typography.

Writer Mode

Focus on your website's text content with distraction free writer mode.

Page Comments

Enable visitors to leave comments with integrated Disqus support.


Automatic sitemap generation, which helps to improve SEO.

Social Cards

Easily add support for Twitter and Open Graph (Facebook) social cards.


Add stunning animations and scroll effects with just a few clicks.

Scroll FX

Effortlessly apply scroll-based parallax effects that animate as a page is scrolled.

Works Offline

Free to build websites anytime, any place, anywhere.

Auto Backup

Quickly access and revert back to previous versions of your website.

Blocs Media Resources

Here you can find videos, screenshots, and logos for Blocs. All graphics are high-resolution retina images.

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About Us

Cazoobi Limited is a software company based in the North East of England. It was founded by Norm Sheeran in 2010 as an outlet for all of his creative ideas, these ideas quickly became products that are now used all over the world by some of the industries top designers and developers. Cazoobi now consists of a small team working on amazing products.

Norm is the talented designer and developer at Cazoobi. He lives and breathes design and is completely self taught. He came up with the idea for Blocs in 2014 whilst on a family holiday. His eureka moment came early one morning when watching his 7 year old nephew build amazing landscapes and structures in the game MineCraft. Norm saw the game as a 3D design tool simplified to a level where children can create with it. This inspired Norm to do something similar but for the web. Blocs was created and this is now the company flagship product.


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